Last Year Comic Chronicle

Throughout my senior year of college, in an effort to document this period of my life and get better at comicking and create something similar to the works of all the autobio cartoonists who had inspired me, I created the Last Year Comic Chronicle. The comic updated roughly once a week from August 2018 to May 2019. You can read all of it online here.


01: Introduction
02: Back in I.C.
03: Favorite Lines from my Audition Monologue
04: Skeleton Truth
05: Sweat Boy
06: Ran into a Friend
07: What’s New Pussycat?
08: The Chief Gecko Fighter
09: Michael
10: Figured out this Story Idea
11: Acceptance
12: Culture Shock
13: Flawless Plan
14: Hell Yeah
15: Snow
16: Trying to Cobble Together a Freelance Career Like
17: A Brief Guide to My Favorite Autobio Comics
18: Send Message
19: Climactic
20: Hourly Comic Day 2019
21: Workshop
22: All Lover the Pace
23: Play
24: Things I Love Right Now
25: Prove
26: Zeno’s Paradox
27: Philadelphia
28: Enjoy

29: The Month to Come
30: Closing Tabs
31: Crush
33: AAAAA 2
34: Afterword