Last Year Comic Chronicle 06: Ran into a Friend

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FRANCIS (thought): Hey, isn’t that Nicole? Yeah, it is!

TEXT: Oh shit What now?

TEXT: I can awkwardly match her pace, not acknowledge her, until we split paths
I can continue at my normal pace and say hi when I inevitably draw alongside her (assuming it is her.)



FRANCIS: How’s it going?

NICOLE: Good. I just got done with rehearsal.

FRANCIS: Cool. I’m just out for a walk.

NICOLE: Ah. That sounds nice actually.

FRANCIS (thought): Okay, slow it down.

LEGS: gotto move. gotto make trax

FRANCIS: How’d rehearsal go?

NICOLE: Pretty good. One person didn’t show, but …

FRANCIS (thought): Slow the fuck down. Where am I going

LEGS: fast fast. i wil outpace evry1

NICOLE: Um, Francis …

FRANCIS: Yeah, my rehearsals actually start this Tuesday, I’m really excited!

FRANCIS (thought): Just gonna give into it now.

LEGS: the boy is fast

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