The War of Paraguay

Draft of the cover for the ebook version.

The War of Paraguay is a translation of La guerra del Paraguay, which is an excerpt from Um Estadista do Imperio by Joaquim Nabuco. The War of Paraguay is composed of all the chapters dealing with the Paraguayan war from Nabuco’s larger work, which is a sort of political and diplomatic history of Brazil, with special focus on Nabuco’s father, Brazilian statesman Jose Nabuco. As such, The War of Paraguay focuses mainly on the diplomatic and political conflicts which caused the Paraguayan War, and those which the war caused. You can read more about what it’s all about in the foreword.

When I have finished translating the book, every single chapter will be available on this blog, as well as the supplemental background info posts I’m writing. (You can all find the chapters I have already posted below.) I will also be publishing an ebook version, which will include translations of the footnotes that appear in La guerra del Paraguay. For the most part, I won’t be translating those footnotes for the posts on this site, so you’ll only be able to get them in the book version.


Supplement 1, The Uruguayan Civil War
Supplement 2, The Uruguayan War

  1. Chapter the First, Pedro Ferreira’s Mission
  2. Chapter II, Montevideo
  3. Chapter III, The Abolition of Privateering
  4. Chapter IV, Antecedents to the Uruguayan Issue
  5. Chapter V pt. 1, Saraiva’s Mission
    Chapter V pt. 2, Saraiva’s Mission. — The Uruguayan War
  6. Chapter VI, López’s Intervention. — End of the Uruguayan War. — Invasion of the Argentine Republic by the Paraguayans