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The latest thing I have published is “Cartographer,” a grotesque fantasy novelette about a person lost in the colossal corpse of their god, and the mapmaker they keep returning to. You can get it on Smashwords here. Also I have some physical zines of this that I would like to send out to people for FREE. Email me if you are interested.


Right now I am gearing up to writing a fantasy novel about urbanism, titled “Fantasy Urbanism.” haha. Anyway I am reading a bunch of books about cities and urbanism right now, including The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs and The Just City by Jo Walton. I am also newly subscribed to the New York Review of Architecture, which publishes risograph printed brochures chock-full of architecture essays and news. It is fun to learn about a scene I know very little about, and it is even funner to do so through pleasantly-formatted print media.


Vattu is one of my all-time favorite things. It is an enormous webcomic/graphic novel about a girl from a nomadic people who is kidnapped and taken to live in the capital of a conquering empire. Also everyone is weird fantasy beings. I love this comic for so many reasons, I would like to write some reviews of it someday. For now, just read it because I say so—it’s all free online here.
If you are already a fan of Vattu, and have read the whole thing, you should check out the Vattu Fan Zine, which I was a part of. I wrote my first ever piece of fan fiction for it. Wow. Also all the other art in it is amazing, check it out as a website or PDF.

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