Public Domain Day

Navarre Beach, FL, July 18, 2005. FEMA Photo/Leif Skoogfors

Since 2018, every year on January 1st I have celebrated Public Domain Day by publishing a post about it and releasing one of my own works to the public domain. To learn more about the public domain, I recommend you read my first PDD post, “Now Don’t Fucking Touch It,” which explains how copyright law works and how egregiously restrictive it has become in the past century.

Public Domain Day Posts

Now, Don’t Fucking Touch It

A Reader’s Guide to Paul Selver’s Translation of Karel Čapek’s “And So Ad Infinitum”

Public Domain Day 2020

A Plea for Authors to Consider the Commons

A Public Domain Review Review

Public Domain Day 2023: Now With 400% More Artists!

My Works in the Public Domain

2018: Chimaera Cries ON STREAM!!!!! (short play)
Smashwords — PDF — Epub — Mobi — Docx

2019: Tallahassee Ca. 2045 (full-length play)
SmashwordsPDF — Epub — Mobi — Docx

2020: “ChannelCon ’30” (novelette)
SmashwordsPDF — Epub — Mobi — Docx

2021: The War of Paraguay (translation of La guerra del Paraguay, excerpt of Um Estadista do Imperio by Joaquim Nabuco)
SmashwordsPDF — Epub — Mobi — Docx 

2022: Classic Cage (one act play)
Smashwords — PDF — Epub — Mobi — Docx

2023: “Masters of the Wine Printers Guild” (novelette)
PDFPrint Imposed PDFDocxEpubMobiRead Online