Last Year Comic Chronicle 24: Things I Love Right Now

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TEXT: Hey, another weird LYCC! Well, there’s a lot of stuff I love right now, and I wrote about it all in my sketchbook. So this week’s LYCC is an adapted, somewhat polished version of that sketchbook entry.

TEXT: Coffee!?
Okay, so coffee is nothing new, but for the past few weeks I haven’t been drinking as much, because I’ve been having to grind it myself, because I accidentally bought whole bean, and all I have to grind it with is a mini food processor.
But not I’m back at it and loving it babyyyy. I’ve started using (not every time, but sometimes) a soy creamer, which s really wonderful—and I’m brewing Café Bustelo. So basically, recreating the kind of coffee I drank pre-veganism, the coffee that was always around my house, the coffee I drank all throughout high school. It’s just wonderful, truly. It puts me at ease. Coffee is really my drug of choice, and I’m loving the ritual of having this coffee when I get home on Tuesdays and Thursdays—the days I have work and school from 7:10 am to 10:45. Yeah. Love it!
And I just bought some Kickapoo coffee, which is a brand I’ve fallen in love with while here in Iowa City. They have some great medium roasts, good shit, I’m gonna have a cup in like 20 minutes and I’m excited.

TEXT: Mole sauce!
Damn this stuff is good. I just want to put it on everything. Chocolate and chili pepper. Mmmmmmm! Mmmm! And so easy! just mix it with some vegetable stock and add heat, are you kidding me? I made enchiladas with this, shit was bomb.

TEXT: Cumin!
Is also really good. Put that shit on whatever too.

TEXT: Haley Blais!
(specifically her videos)
(her music is great too though!)
I really love her style. I mean, her sense of humor and personality and all, but I also love her approach to her videos. More than collecting a bunch of props or settings, (“I got a new camera!” “Visiting New York pt. 1,” etc.) as many vlogs do, her videos produce distinct feelings—without having to explicitly monologue those feelings to the viewer. Like her scabies video? OMFG. So good. So creative. Yeah, and I love how she takes time to document really small, simple stuff—like watching Netflix, or just going out for a walk. Like, yes, there is value in paying attention to these everyday things, these small things add up to a rich, human experience.
Also I find her super relatable to me specifically, as far as the whole person-dedicated-to-personal-pursuits-who-is-sort-of-a-shut-in-and-chronically-single-sort-of-by-choice. um. lol. Also she’s around my age, is my age in her older vlogs. She lives in an apartment. She’s not rich. There’s very few barriers between how her life looks and how mine looks, so its easy for me to get totally absorbed in the vlogs.
Also she’s vegan!

TEXT: Minecraft!
Minecraft is also nothing new, I just haven’t played it in a while. Well now I’m back, playing my “wide” world, where I build lots of small things all over the place instead of a few massive buildings. It’s fun. Relaxing. Gives me time to listen to podcasts, like Haley Blais’s Friday Night In, or audiobooks, like Long Walk to Freedom.

TEXT: Long Walk to Freedom!
(Read by Michael Boatman!)
This is a long book (as the title suggests), and I’m really enjoying it. Mandela is really taking his time, and full of insights. The book is built of a million stories, all of which I feel like I’m learning from. Also, it’s comforting to listen to an audiobook about such a monumental, overwhelming struggle, a fight which lasted a lifetime—to listen to all the triumphs and setbacks and tragedies, and know that it all worked out in the end, that all of this is building towards something important and wonderful. It’s impossible to know if we’ve got a happy ending ahead of us now, living in the present moment. It’s hard to see how a failure may be only temporary, or may be the beginning of something new and vital. So Long Walk to Freedom is very satisfying, and I love that I’ve got 20 more hours to enjoy and learn from and take comfort in. !

2 thoughts on “Last Year Comic Chronicle 24: Things I Love Right Now

    • I want to try green! Will have to look around local grocery stores to see if any have it (or I could make it from scratch if I’m ever feeling super ambitious)

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