Last Year Comic Chronicle 23: Play

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Attentive followers of this blog will notice that I did not post a comic last week. That’s because, I didn’t! And that is good! It is good that I took time to work on other projects and even (get this) to not work, and relax! I’ll make up for it with an extra comic at some point, but for now I’m just gonna keep rolling with the regular weekly comic. Maybe there will be another gap. Probably not, but who knows. Now enjoy a scene from my weird fantasy protest play.


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TEXT: Right now I’m really trying to focus on finishing writing my play, so instead of something more autobio-y, here’s a scene from the play!

WHITE DUKE: Do you think I came to Hrgtod City just to talk to you in person? No. I am here so that I can assume dictatorship, me, not Chfrg, me.

FA-DMMOT: Well how should I know whether Chfrg is “in our pocket” or not? We can count on the UP, but how many Democrats do we really have on our side? How—
WHITE: Is there something you would like to say to me?

FA-DMMOT: My lord, we should be careful. I know sapping bloods is important to you, but if we truly want to reinstate the dictatorship and restore segregation, we have to—

WHITE: Draw your wand.
Draw your wand.

TEXT: FA-DMMOT, cautiously, retrieves his wand from the vase. WHITE approaches him, then grabs his hand and positions it so that the tip of FA-DMMOT’s wand is on WHITE’s chest. It’s as though FA-DMMOT has plunged his hand into an anthill.

WHITE: You said you are not a mystic. I understand. There are many friends of the White Tower who do not believe in immortality, or Pure Liberation. The march of so-called progress has made everyone forget what we mages are capable of.

WHITE: Feel my soul, Fa-Dmmot. Feel immortality. Have you felt it yet?

WHITE: What are you afraid of?


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