Last Year Comic Chronicle 15: Snow

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TEXT: It snowed 6-8 inches here on Sunday.

TEXT: A lot of people here hate snow, and a lot of people seem to want me to hate snow.

TEXT: But I don’t and I won’t, and I wish people would knock it off with that you-must-miss-Florida-right-about-now shit.

TEXT: Snow disrupts. It remakes everything.

TEXT: Straight paths twist. Flat ground mottles into mountains.

TEXT: Which I like. Screw stasis. Alienize the familiar.

TEXT: If I’m miserable, snow provides a cataclysmic, over-dramatic metaphor for that misery.

TEXT: If I’m happy, it’s just another excuse to drink hot chocolate and feel cozy.

TEXT: Happy or sad, it’s beautiful, I love it, and I Iook forward to the next snowfall.

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