Last Year Comic Chronicle 18: Send Message

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L.Y.C.C. is back, and will once again be updating weekly until I graduate!


Want a more convenient way to read this comic? Want to monetarily support this comic and more things like it? Want to read some brand new, previously unpublished Francis Bass scribbles? Great! You can buy a downloadable, PDF version of L.Y.C.C. at Gumroad or In addition to all of L.Y.C.C., this book includes “Last Summer,” a shorter series of comics made over the summer following my graduation, as well as older proof-of-concept comics and a quick step-by-step description of my process for creating L.Y.C.C.


TEXT: “… I like you …”

FRANCIS: I guess I knew that would happen.
But also I didn’t.
And this will grow back anyway, so—

FRANCIS: Ow! That actually stings!
Why does—ow!
What the fuck?

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