Last Year Comic Chronicle 19: Climactic

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TEXT: It’s the last semester of the last year, and it’s looking to be hella climactic.

TEXT: The climax of a story is the do-or-die moment. The protagonist wins forever or fails forever. There are no second chances after this.
The stakes have never been higher, and the writer hits the reader with all the spectacle and excitement they can muster.

TEXT: Do-or-die: All the classes I’m taking I absolutely have to take to graduate this May; because this is the last semester, I can’t put them off till later.

TEXT: Stakes: Graduation. Tuition money. Also, more people depending on me than normal.
This is always the case with workshops (I have one this semester),

TEXT: but it’s especially true of Writing and Community Outreach, where I’ll be volunteering at a local high school teaching writing.
And there’s the play I’m in, the largest part I’ve ever had in a play at UI.

TEXT: Spectacle: It’s been snowing a ton, and there’s a polar vortex inbound. And the classes themselves are exciting.
Sociophonetics. Playwriting. Documentaries. Pedagogy.

TEXT: It’s a lot.
Hopefully this comic will live up to it.

TEXT: And hopefully I will “do”, rather than the other thing.

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