Last Year Comic Chronicle 08: The Chief Gecko Fighter


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SAL: Hey! It’s been awhile!

FRANCIS: It has. How’s it going?

SAL: It’s good. I just got off work …

SAL: … and I flung the stick as far as I could. So that’s why they call me the chief gecko fighter …

SAL: … and a lot of people say they write sci-fi, but …

FRANCIS: … yes, but do you read sci-fi …

SAL: Exactly, because …

FRANCIS: … and I feel like part of it is just, sci-fi never really made in-roads in that tradition …

SAL: … so, yeah, it’s an interesting job.

FRANCIS: Mmm. I’m gonna use the bathroom real quick.

SAL: Wow, I didn’t realize that it’s already, like … eight. Probably a good time to …

FRANCIS: Yeah, I need to go home and feed myself.

SAL: Yeah, I should do that too.

SAL: Let’s do this again sometime!

FRANCIS: Yes, let’s do that!

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