Last Year Comic Chronicle 33: AAAAA 2

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TEXT: Immediately after graduation, I moved out and left Iowa City.

TEXT: “CAFFEEEEEINE: whatever u do just dont ghost her

TEXT: “So you’re just gonna yeet out of here?”

TEXT: “DREW: I’m terrified. (Pause.) And I— (Pause.) And I. And I. And I.”2

TEXT: “… Well don’t be a stranger. Because—honestly, because …”

TEXT: I’m sad and weird right now. And being sad is good. It means I had something good here.
But I don’t want to think so apocalyptically (e.g. I will never see these people again, they will all forget me, etc.) That thinking is patently unfounded. Because in a few months I will be moving to live with an old friend who hasn’t lived in the same city as me in ten years.

TEXT: As well, one friend I made this semester auditioned for my play during the 2014 Thespian Festival—we were in the same room, then did not see or know each other for the next five years, then crossed paths again at UIowa.
People don’t stay in place. No one ever disappears. We only go forward. Who knows when we’ll meet again. Who knows. Who knows?

FOOTNOTES: 1. Matt’s All Right by Elin Dejus
2. The Hopper by Nicole Gabrione

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