Blog Re-Beginning

So I’m going to pick up this blog thing again.

It’s for me, not for you. Apparently it’s good for a writer to build a platform, so that when you publish new stuff people can buy it, or if readers look you up they can see what your past publications are. And since I actually have something published now, and may have more some time in the sometime, I’m going to give this another shot.

Yes, it’s all about money. And on the topic of money, !!!THE TRIAL OF ADBOT 579!!! is a ¡¡PLAY¡¡ by me about advertising robots and humanity and you can buy it HERE HERE HERE.

In the past I did this blog (three whole posts worth) just because I felt like screaming into the void. I think I gave up on it because I ran out of things to say. Whatever happened, I’ll try to update regularly now. Maybe weekly. Maybe less often.

Although the point of this blog is to attract attention so that people will buy my stuff, the posts will rarely be advertisements.

Speaking of advertisements, I actually wrote a —-> ONE ACT PLAY <—- about an adbot called PLEA$E GIVE ME MONIE$ which you can purchase HHEERREE.

I’m not sure what the posts will be. I don’t even know what this one is. I feel obligated to start this blog with an introduction, even though this isn’t a book. Plus it’s not introducing anything, because I don’t know what this blog is going to be about.

So instead of trying to introduce a never-ending book I haven’t written yet, I’ll elaborate more on why I’m doing this blog. It’s only sort of about money. That is to say, I don’t expect this to do anything for my nearly nonexistent revenue until I have more major publications, ones with bios that point back to this website. I’d like to get into the habit of writing blog posts regularly though, so that when it actually matters I won’t be fumbling around with weird disorganized posts like this one, or slacking off and going through long hiatuses. I’ll have already been keeping up with this for awhile, and will have no problem continuing to post.

Now that I mention it, posting is kind of like…oh screw it.

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